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Apr 16


Today’s Featured Blogger: Jock 2 Strap

In his own words:

Discovering my JockStrap and cock ring addiction. I re-blog hot guys in jockstraps, along with guys that I think would look hot in a jockstrap and just plan hot guys that most gay men would drool over. Mix in some pictures here and there of hot guys with cock rings on along with reviews of jockstraps that I own. Drop by Jock2Strap and discover my addictions and maybe they will become yours.

Today’s blogger has summed it up, his blog is all about jock straps, however they’re hot as hell, lot of variety and well choosen. His archive is worth exloring. The variety of content is hot and well choosen. So go check out the man’s blog. If you find his blog as hot as I do, then give the man a follow.

Reblogs from his blog will be coming your way starting shortly and continuing through to the early mornin’ hours.

As my posts dart across your dashboard, watch for those captioned "From today’s Featured Blogger".

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Mr Python on vine — video was removed it seems (gifs by gaysexistheanswer)

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Another portion of this hot Israeli soldier.

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Cocksuckers Rule!:

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From today’s featured blogger: Jock 2 Strap 3

Wanna be a Featured Blogger? I am, as always, lookin’ for ‘em. There’s a FAQ HERE that will tell you everything about how to become one. Or, just askmessage me via Tumblr, or email me at